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Ausun Scheduler 1.5

Ausun Scheduler Key features: Many useful basic builtin actions....

Ausun Scheduler Key features: Many useful basic builtin actions. Here are some of the basic builtin actions: Beep with system speaker. Youcan set count, duration, interval and frequency.

Play your favorite music orsound files. Display a message to remindyou something. Randomly pick a picture from specified directory and set it as your wallpaper.

Launch a program or file. Slider show the pictures inspecified directory in fullscreen mode. Power off, restart, hibernate,suspend or lock your computer.

Background music can be playedwhile performing other actions. Powerful actions to control other applications. Ausun Scheduler provides messages,simulating key strokes and mouse events to control other applications.

They arevery reliable and easy to use. With these actions you can control most applicationsto do a specified job. For example you can even control MS Paint to draw a picture!

It means Ausun Scheduler gives most applications the ability to automaticallydo their job on specified time. All of the actions can be saved to a file so that they can be loaded to other taskseasily.

All of the actions can be tested while creating and modifying to make sure theyworks well. Taking the advantage of Windows Task Scheduler, it only runs and performs the specifiedactions when triggered and exits when all the actions are done.

At other times itdoes not run in background and does not consume any memory or CPU time. Taking the advantage of Windows Task Scheduler, it provides various of trigger types.

You can choose to run a task daily, when logged on, when idle, etc. The computercan be wake up to run the task even if it has been suspended. Running tasks can be easily stopped by tray icons.

It is very ease to create, modify, delete, enable and disable tasks. Ausun Scheduleralso provides a friendly way to view the summary of tasks.

Detailed user manual. Some useful samples are included in the product package:Have a rest: display fullscreen pictures while playing your favorite music to remindyou having a rest every one hour.

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